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Amaretto’s World Book Review: Her Name is Kaur

Punjab2000 journalist, Amrit Matharu shares with us her thoughts and revelations of Her Name is Kaur edited by Meeta Kaur.

Her name is kaur

Aavhu bhainae gal mileh ank sahaelarreeaah||
Mil kai kehaaneeaa samrath kanth keeaah||

Come, my dear sisters and spiritual companions; hug me close in your embrace.
Let’s join together and tell stories of our All-powerful Husband Lord

Guru Granth Sahib p.17


Her Name is Kaur is a compilation of love stories written by Sikh-American women which allow its readers to enter the psyche and experiences of Sikh women as they fall in love with their soul mates, families and their faith in Waheguru.

This book helps you understand the everyday life as a Sikh woman living in the Western world. While the collections of stories are not your average love story, it shows you how to love yourself as well as others. Even though the stories are written by women, their significance of finding strength is applicable to men.

Each story has shared a momentary connection with experiences that transport me to my past, present, and what I can feel is yet to come in my future.

Like many of the Kaurs in Her Name is Kaur, their stories begin with their parents’ migration from India – I too am able to share this journey as my parents came over to England from Africa. While these stories are a collection of American settlements, I’ve felt the same experience of life in a bubble, from growing up in my small hometown of Northamptonshire (actually living in a village to be exact).

By reading this book I felt like the whole of my childhood to adulthood has been immersed into the Sikh friendships I missed out on. Most importantly, I gained a sisterhood from all the thoughts, feelings and questions I wish I had communicated with other Kaurs, that are told in the book.

Not only is the exploration of romance a key element to this anthology of love stories, but it delves deeper into relationships connected to spirituality. Growing up, my faith is something I’ve always kept a very personal topic, till recently. I’ve never felt encouraged or supported to explore in my beliefs until I was able to find my own voice (having shared many conversations with myself). By reading Her Name is Kaur, I felt a sense of pride and strength in following my faith within my own practice.

I’m a firm believer that we are all given this life to live our own story and make our own journey. Within our stories we meet other people who share their stories, and eventually we end up with one great big story interlinking every single one of us. Having read Her Name is Kaur, I promise you that you will have at least one significant chapter or even a page to share with one of these brave and talented Kaurs.