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:: XS-BASS Promo ::
XS Bass
Producers: XS-BASS
Artist Name: XS-BASS feat. P-LIM & MC LYTE
© 2006 XS-BASS
tracks performed by P-LIM,
produced by Harj D & The Wizard for XS-BASS production.
XS-BASS, a familiar name amongst DJ’s and producers hitting the
Club DJ circuit in 1997, and establishing regular student nights in
Leicester, Nottingham, Birmingham, Manchester and London.

XS-BASS are currently un-signed artists working on their
Urban/Bhangra album with the view of a release in April 2007.

P-LIM is also featured on both websites and will be causing rhythm
mayhem in 2007 with a New York mainstream release. He will also
be featuring on some XS-BASS productions so listen out for P-LIM

XS-BASS have for the first time brought together 2 generation of
singers to create a powerful hard hitting track with Surinder Shinda
and his Son currently living in Vancouver Mohinder Shinda. This duo
will be featuring on a title track “Gabroo putt Punjab deh”

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Calling Remix
My Gangsta