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Who’s got Madhuri’s jalwa? Vote on!

The UK Bollywood Dance Championships brings together the country’s most promising Bollywood dance performers, who have been showing their jalwa at competitions across the UK, with the semi finals taking place on 16th May, ahead of the foot-tapping final in July.
And to make sure that viewers can enjoy all of the action anytime, anyplace and anywhere, has become the exclusive online platform from which users can simply download clips of all the performances, and vote for their favourite contestant.  
Paying tribute to the all time dancing queen of Bollywood, Madhuri Dixit, Saturday 3rd May welcomed the Bollywood Dance Divas competition, which will saw the girls go head to head in a dance-off dhamaka which will have viewers breaking into a sweat at the sheer energy of the moves.  
By partnering with UK Bollywood Dance Championships, once again proves its commitment to maintaining its position as the biggest online destination to span the entire kaleidoscope of South Asian entertainment. In commenting about the exciting collaboration,
Nigel Glynn-Davies, CEO comments, “This is such an exciting opportunity that has presented itself to us. It demonstrates’s passion for performing arts and its support of the wealth of talent that exists among the UK’s Asian community.  
“We also wanted to give the opportunity of viewers to get involved and have a piece of the action, by viewing the fantastic performances, and allowing for them to vote for who they want to go through to the final.”, launched at the Max Stardust Awards 2008, is the largest online network to host a comprehensive and high quality portfolio of popular South Asian entertainment.
With a 360 degree approach, the catalogue includes movies, film clips, television dramas, stage plays, music and sports. It is also the only online destination that can claim to be genuinely South Asian with content that spans Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, Urdu, Punjabi and Bengali entertainment. 
With unrivalled potential for the South Asian Diaspora and Bollywood film enthusiasts worldwide, has established synergies with some of the world’s most well known entertainment brands and media outlets. has partnered with major studios such as UTV, Adlabs, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Venus, to stream films, trailers and special clips ranging from the critically acclaimed – Black, Chameli and Raincoat; blockbusters – Rang De Basanti, Swades and Goal; to classics such as Umrao Jaan and Do Anjane. has developed one of the most technically efficient and user friendly platforms to stream and download South Asian entertainment, following simple instructions that also allow viewers to link their PC’s directly to TV. Virtually all of its unparalleled portfolio of content is held on an exclusive basis and cannot be viewed or downloaded from any other medium.