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Where's My Money? - Menis feat. Jai Amoré (Video)

Where’s My Money? – Menis feat. Jai Amoré (Video)

Last summer Menis gave us the ultimate Asian anthem ‘Kool 2 B Asian’, now for 2010 he’s showing us what he’s really made of, no holds barred!



A truly unique artist who refuses to be pigeon-holed as a MC or rapper, Menis shows off his creative talents and vocals combined with straight talking lyrics on his latest offering ‘Where’s My Money?’.



The track echoes the frustrated voices of many artists who are trying to make it in the music industry but are faced with dodgy management, promoters and high positioned opportunists especially within the Asian scene.



This edgy indie meets electro track features the vocals of up and coming RnB artist Jai Amoré, which fused with Menis’ frank lyrics and fiery delivery make a powerful yet catchy track.



Menis is currently working on new material for his forthcoming album, ‘Where’s My Money?’ is a taste of the high energy and funky melodies to expect from this eclectic artist.



Where’s My Money?’ by Menis featuring Jai Amoré is out on iTunes now.


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