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Dhamaka 2012 – Sonu Niigaam, Atif Aslam & Bolly Flex - Live at The O2!

Watch out Bollywood its Sonu and Brit!!

NEW YORK, NY [July 18, 2011] — Britney Spears announced today through the leading global fusion Media Company Desi Hits! that she has invited International singing sensation Sonu Nigam to add his vocals to her latest track “I Wanna Go”.


DJ Lloyd who most recently worked with ex Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger in conjunction with Desi Hits produced the track! 


So excited about having Sonu on “I Wanna Go”.  His vocals add such a different feel which I love! Watch out Bollywood, it's Britney and Sonu!“ said pop sensation Britney Spears. With his magical Hindi vocals Sonu mirrors Britney’s vocals throughout the track combined with fused Indian instrumentals that add a unique and different vibe to the club track. 

Occasionally, Sonu sings in English and also adds some of his own songwriting skills to the track bringing it closer to his Indian audiences.  "Awesome to have collaborated with the beautiful and talented Britney on 'I Wanna Go'. This is her first big step into Bollywood. Thanks to Desi Hits. Looking forward to many more. As for me, from Lata Mangeshkar to Britney! I love you world… :D,” said Sonu Nigam.  

Since 2003, Spears has maintained an authentic connection with her Indian audience working with Sonu has definitely taken this to the next level.


Her album In The Zone included an Indian remix of “Me Against The Music,” featuring Madonna. Taking it a step further, she performed the remix throughout her Onyx Hotel Tour and during her Circus Tour. Audiences may even get to see Sonu and Britney perform this track together soon. 
“Britney has been engaged with South Asian culture for many years.  From her fashion to her music she has always embraced the incredible sights and sounds of this vibrant community throughout her career.  It was obvious that Desi Hits!  was the place to go to further strengthen this relationship and reach out to her loyal fans in India and the Diaspora.” says Mark Flaherty Senior Vice President of Jive Label Group “Sonu adds magic to this track and it’s always wonderful to work with such an incredibly talented artist. Britney and her team wanted to go beyond doing a remix for “ I Wanna Go” so bringing Sonu to this track, I hope, will be a wonderful surprise to both Sonu’s and Britney’s fans all over the world! 
Sonu and Britney both command huge International audiences yet touch different communities across the globe. Sonu is one of the most distinguished voices from Bollywood and like Britney equally shuts down huge venues across the US and UK when he tours such as Wembley and Birmingham NEC, few artists even in mainstream US pop culture can boast that” said Anjula Acharia-Bath, CEO of Desi Hits, who is working with Britney’s Label and management to create content for the global Indian demographic.