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Press launch pictures for Village India & Experience Gujarat 2009 Festival

Village India and Experience Gujarat

Celebrating 50 Years Of Gujarat


'An event for the realization of mutual cultural greatness'


Village India and Experience Gujarat will be located and held in Leicester's prime venue, De Montfort Hall and Gardens in September 2009.


De Montfort Hall with its excellent auditorium and Gardens provides a fantastic setting for this truly unique event.


The venue has become famous for its fantastic outdoor festivals like the Big Session and Summer Sundae Weekender and now Village India and Experience Gujarat are set to follow in their highly successful footsteps.


Experience Gujarat will be held in the main auditorium and focusses on the the very best music and dance from the region with the most famous artists and a highly varied programme of specially produced concerts. On the first night we kick off this great event with one of the most exciting Garba events the country has seen including a high quality Ras Garba competition!


Village India presents fantastic entertainment, food, crafts and even a traditional village with influences from the whole of India. You will get to experience everything from Bhangra and Bollywood to World Music Fusion acts, Traditional music and dance, Fashion Shows and much more!


Think world music festival with a big Indian flavour and you will get a feel for it!


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