Upcoming artist Ezu has released his debut single Jaaniya

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Ezu is an upcoming British/Asian artist from South London. He is only 17 years old and has recently caught the attention of major artists in the urban/asian industry such as Raxstar and Zack Knight. Ezu is known for his creative covers of songs such as ‘Sanam Re, One Dance, Enemy and Falling’. In every song Ezu changes the song completely adding his own twist to create something special.

He has covered and remixed popular songs in both Hindi and English creating his own sub genre. The creativity shown in each remix is just a sample of what he is truly capable of doing. Ezu has performed at venues such as Alexandra Palace, Mayfair (Embassy), Victoria Park and many more. Ezu is slowly but surely building a name for himself in the industry as his last few releases have had a good response from the audience and his up and coming single is expected to be his best song yet.

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Ezu has now officially released his debut single along with the music video which is called “Jaaniya”. The song is a Pop/Asian track which takes the audience on a journey of a young couple falling in love and going on their first “date”. Ezu is set to make some serious noise in the Asian music industry. You can also listen to his debut single on BBC Asian Network which will be featured in the new sound playlist.

Ezu- Jaaniya: Official Music Video 

Track: Jaaniya, Artist: Ezu, Producer: Ezu, Label: Rawr Music

Audio Version: 


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  • Directed by Born Ready Films.

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