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LOTUS by Kalanikethan

UK’s first ever Indian Wedding, Destination & Lifestyle Show

Think of an Indian wedding and the gorgeous chaos of its colours, textures, aromas and flavours comes to mind. But the magic of a typical Indian wedding can never come truly alive without the authentic touches that only traditional Indian designs and the age-old embellishments provide.
The UK public will now get the chance to experience first-hand this authentic ‘Indian’ness at its high end best as The Indian Wedding, Destination and Lifestyle Show (Ardhanginni) – makes its grand debut at Olympia 2, Kensington Square Gardens, London on 15th – 17th July 2011.
Conceptualised by Ms. Cicilia Raj, the event is organised in the UK by one of India’s leading destination event management companies, Fourplay Events, and marketed and publicised by the award-winning, international marketing agency, Sterling Communications.  
Showcasing a handpicked range of the finest and most bespoke services in the kaleidoscopic Indian wedding market, the event is a high end lifestyle, fashion and bridal exhibition which will bring the timeless experience to everyone who dreams of a celebration as rich, colourful and sumptuous as a typically Indian wedding, anywhere in the world, regardless of their nationality or cultural background.
 The epitome of a fairy-tale romance, the Indian wedding theme and concept is proving a popular choice among mainstream cultures as well, endorsed by celebrity couples such as Russell Brand and Katy Perry. The Indian Wedding, Destination and Lifestyle Show will showcase the crème de la crème in the world of luxury bridal design and wedding services, with a carefully selected portfolio of some of the biggest names in fashion, beauty and lifestyle being presented at the exhibition. 
Highlights include celebrated fashion designer to a host of Bollywood A-list actresses, Neeta Lulla; India Fashion Week regular Masaba Gupta; celebrity jewellers and India Fashion Week fixture, Amrapali; India’s most celebrated invitation designer; Ravish Kapoor; India-based celebrity henna artist, Geetanjali; and The Jaipur Collective – Nidhi Tholia, Amrapali, Rohit Kamra and Benu Bhatnagar – renowned designers working extensively with traditional Indian fashion.
Furthermore, the event will exhibit picture-perfect wedding destinations and traditional Indian luxury lifestyle products, in addition to a weekend filled with glamorous activities and events such as runway shows highlighting the collections of 15 of India’s top fashion designers. India boasts a rich and colourful cultural heritage which strongly permeates every aspect of a traditional Indian wedding and its grand entourage of accompanying events, customs and rituals. Central to the many cultural folds and layers is the importance that women hold.
The Indian Wedding, Destination and Lifestyle Show will celebrate that importance, and the respected position of womanhood.  In commenting on her association with the event, Neeta Lulla says, “This is a very exciting moment for our fraternity, as although some of us have had private shows in various countries in the past, it’s the first time that such an opportunity has emerged, providing designers and brands a unique platform to showcase their latest collections in countries where there is a huge potential of buyers and immense interest in following the latest Indian trends and styles that exist. This show will definitely help in networking with not only potential buyers but also opening up future international business opportunities.” 
The event is conceptualized by Ms. Cicilia Raj. She says, “Indian weddings as we know is a unique experience, these occasions are getting grandeur and pompous with a great blend of the Indian and Western styles of celebrations. With emerging trend of NRIs getting married in destinations like Rajasthan, Goa or the lovely beaches in Kerala, the wedding industry in India is rapidly growing at the rate of 9%, and is increasing in its size and splendor.  The objective of putting together a show such as this lies in introducing India as not only a preferable destination for such celebrations but also promoting unique products and services that are available in India. This show is an opportunity for any brand that aims at networking with Indians living in the UK, and opening doors for any future potential business within the UK community, while showcasing the very best of our talented treasure trove of Indian products.”

The event is being managed and executed by international events company Fourplay Events.
Minal Bhatnagar, CEO, Fourplay Events added, “Fourplay events is very excited about managing The Indian Wedding, Destination and Lifestyle Show in London. The event will be showcasing only the very best that India has to offer in wedding planning, lifestyle, destinations, fashion and beauty, making it a one-stop event for anyone planning their big day, and beyond.   To make the show more exciting, well attended, and reach out to a wider audience we have a very effective 2 month long marketing campaign in the UK, using a very comprehensive approach. The campaign will also include a business contingent to build bridges between the UK and Indian trade community to generate future business alliances that may take shape through this very promising and unique Indian experience.” 

PR and Marketing for the event will be handled by award-winning, international marketing agency, Sterling Communications.



In speaking about the relationship with the high profile event, Natasha Mudhar, CEO, Sterling Communications says, “We are delighted to be a part of such an exciting, landmark event in London, which is sure to become a permanent fixture on the Capital’s events calendar. Visitors will get to experience the most sumptuous expanse of bridal merchandise and a connect with one of the richest elements of Indian culture.  Marriage being such a big part of Indian family life, wedding celebrations are grand affairs with an endless entourage of events and traditions that are upheld not only in India but among the global South Asian diaspora. Not only will the exhibition appeal to Indian audiences but to mainstream audiences who want a taste of the Indian wedding phenomenon for themselves.”    
Mark the dates in your diary and prepare to witness the magic and glory of an authentic Indian wedding as The Indian Wedding, Destination and Lifestyle Show arrives at Olympia 2, Kensington Square Gardens, London on 15th – 17th July 2011.