Udham’ a theatre production by playwright Harvinder Sohal will run at the city’s Arena Theatre on June 23rd and 24th.

The play centres on the difficulties a traditional Indian family face when their ideologies are dismantled by drug abuse. The story was inspired from an original study done on drugs and alcoholic abuse within the Punjabi community, part of the Department of Health initiative to examine inequalities in the province of services.
The research done by Wolverhampton Sikh Council of Gurdwaras on the drugs and Alcohol abuse in the Punjabi community and the possible cause of this are reflected in ‘Udham’.
‘Udham’ is a play that creatively reflects on these finds of the research and at the same time showing parallels with Udhey the only son of the Singh family who becomes addicted to drugs and Alcohol and the life of the legendary martyr Shaheed Udham Singh’s, who went on a mission to fight for his country, 

This play is not about religion but about overcoming turmoil in family life and being able to find the right the path in life, the path that you truly believe in being the right one

 In this play we see two men struggling to make a difference and struggling to find their own way…the right way in life.
 The performance will begin at 7.30pm on both days. Tickets cost £ 3.50 and are available on 01902 321 321.
Info:  Line 07949 189 723 / 0776 326 6609. 
Starring: Vimal Korpal, Danny Singh, Reena Combo, Jay Mistry, Amarjit Sahota, Nicky Raju, Neil Paul and a former Bournmouth Councillor Simon Foster. Supported by: Five rivers, BME University of Central Lancashire and Wolverhamton Sikh Council.
“This is a work of theatre where current issues are juxtapose with historical events” Harvinder Sohal. ·      
 Harvinder Sohal previously wrote Stage Play Anum·        Harvinder Sohal is a Black Country playwright·        ‘Udham’ is suuposrted by Five Rivers, BME University of Central Lancashire and Wolverhampton Sikh Council.