#TuesdayMotivation – Poem by Manika Kaur, We Are Love.

Manika Kaur is blessed with the voice of an angel. She uses her god given talent to record Kirtan with a western fusion. On a mission to make a positive difference in this world she has set up a foundation called “Kirtan For Causes” which is currently providing education to children in Punjab. Her latest musical masterpiece, her album “I Bow To You Waheguru” has raised over one million dhirams which went towards building the first Gurdwara in Dubai. She has also recently won a well deserved award for Sikhs in Entertainment at the The Sikh Awards last month in London.

Poetry is one of her many talents. Today for #TuesdayMotivation we bring you her latest poem “We Are Love”




This poem discusses current world events and encourages us to take action, to educate each other with love, without judgement. She motivates us to rise up and roar, to care for longer than it takes to hit share.  She reminds us we are kindness, compassion, and most importantly, WE ARE LOVE….