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Tofani Jatti Itunes Link

After the success of 137 Di Speed, Subaig Singh continues to steamroll through 2018, with the release of his brand new song ‘’ TOFANI JATT.’’ Arguably his best release to date, this is a song that will dominate the dance floor this summer.

Subaig has been working hard on the new material and hopes that his fans are as excited about this new release as he is.  Subaig said in a statement, “I really wanted to show two different sides to the type of music that I am passionate about and I just knew deep down that I had to roll with a dance number this time. I’m absolutely buzzing with the way both the song and video have come out’’ .

This track is a folk bhangra dance floor classic and the hard slow rhythms are reminiscent of Popsy’s earlier super hit releases with Jazzy B such as Naag 2 and Singhan Diyan Gaddiyan.

The  hard hitting Bhangra sound that Subaig presents in ‘’TOFANI JATT’’ is totally different to what we are hearing in the Asian music industry today and the influence of Popsy, the Music Machine is abundantly clear.

The single is produced by Kulbir Kandola of Mahaveer Records, Music is by Popsy the Music Machine, Lyrics by Laddi Gobindpuri and the colourful masterpiece of a Music Video has been created by award winning video directors, Rimpy Prince.

This is definitely going to be the dance floor hit of 2018.

 Available on iTunes from 12th May 2018