TJ and Anj debut track Olleh: Released Worldwide 11th July

TJ and Anj have released their debut track Olleh.

TJ is a passionate vocalist who is dedicated to exploring and delivering new vibes infused with his Punjabi roots which gives that extra magical touch, he truly believes “The vibe is created within, you just have to follow it”.

As music has always been a part of TJ’s journey he has been able to teach himself to write, compose and sings his own songs, his focus is with only one goal in mind, to create music which he feels a part of and shows a part of himself to the audience who will connect through the “waves” as TJ calls it. His firm belief is that all music should be embraced with the same emotions you feel from within.

The Ex reality TV star Anj Baig from Desi Rascal, has teamed up with the musical genius TJ in order to create this dynamic duo. Anj was a key figure in his crew Pure Music Generals however this time you will see a totally different side and vibe to the amazing sound that has been created.

Official Video to “Olleh” by TJ and Anj:

Mp3 version of  “Olleh”