Zee Punjabi in July

Three new shows to spark-up Zee Punjabi in July

Bliss of a family, conflict of love, complexity of relationships and a critique of society, ‘Kach Diya Wanga’ is all this and a lot more. Set in the contemporary Punjabi society, it is a fable that sways through emotions, drama, romance, hate, ambiguities and aspirations. It revolves around Balraj Sehgal's three daughters who struggle in their married lives and with society. Inderjit Arora of 'Amanat' fame directs the family drama.

The next new show this July will be ‘Udari’, Monday-Tuesday at 1:30pm. 'Udari' gives ordinary women with inspiring lives a chance to tell everyone how they fought society and family to break every shackle, and emerge victorious and empowered.

Also, weekly show 'Bach Ke Mod Ton', on Friday nights at 8pm, is filmed at various roadshows across different towns in Punjab as it unravels its history and connects with its people.

Catch all this new entertainment on Zee Punjabi, Sky 798