The Two Rannies

We are 'The Two Rannies' Hi my names Big Rannie -the UKs leading agony aunt. Im Big not due to my big bust or bottom but my big heart. I have many friends who are always looking for advice, I have been giving out advice for many years.
I am now one of the UKs leading agony aunts. Along with my friend Little Rannie. I am more of a traditionalist, family values looking after the husbands and three children and ensuring they all have some lovely hot food when they come back from home and School.I like to wear saris and punjabi suits and am not too worried about hair on my face, Little Rannie is more of a 'Modern' girl.
She shaves and everything, (even down stairs) she is a divorcee very independent and lives for today and doesnt seem to worry about tommorow she tells you the western way, not that there is anything wrong with that, but I prefer the more traditionalist way, I call it the sensible and correct way. Anyway we will talk about issues many Asians face in todays world – you get  2 views for 1 problem, one traditional the other modern. Va Va