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Poison - Sahib

The Sound Pipe Records Presents….’POISON’

Track 1- Duppata

No matter how many times I play this track, it never fails to get me up and to bust some moves around the room. An extremely catchy desi tune with everything you could expect. Duppata gives you good vocals, strong beats and a wide use of instruments. It has the same feel of and reminds me of 'Dil Upna' on Taj- E's last release. A very good tune that will be on your mp3 player for a good few weeks believe me. Turn it up loud.


Track 2- Kawa

The groove flips completely as we are slowly introduced into a sadder and slower

number. The song starts with a nice flute flow and picks up with the usual slow

drum beat we are all used to hearing by now. As far as slow songs go it’s a nice tune, but after the explosive start from Duppata you kind of feel it’s placed much to early on in

the album. A decent enough effort though but nothing especially ground breaking.


Track 3- Mera Punjab

From the slowness of Kawa we are drawn with a catchy beat into track 3, Mera

Punjab. Immediately it’s a track that gets your head nodding along with its mesmerizing

drum pattern. However, the sound quality of the vocals could have been a lot better in

my opinion, especially in the chorus as they feel slightly weak. It is this which lets

the tune down which is a shame as the track starts so strongly. However

its still catchy and definitely not a bad effort.


Track 4- Gorey

Definately a Taj- E style track from the start, and Its one of the first things you

notice. However, I don’t believe it’s up to that standard. The chorus may be catchy

but it sounds poorly put together, with the vocals clashing with the backing singers,

and the drums seem to be all over the place. I would say it slightly averages above a filler

track and not much more.


Track 5- Chheti Aye

An interesting drum fill introduces track 5, with an extremely powerful bass line

cutting in with the chorus, which is a nice bit of production. The drum

beat remains constant, however I find it’s all too easy to drift off during the

verse. However, the vocals do the track some kind of justice and the use of the Tumbi

adds to this tracks appeal. This will be a track some people will love and some will

just find average, but its worth the listen just for the heaviness of the Chorus.


Track 6- Zalim Maute

Listening to this song I feel as if I’m still waiting for it to start and it’s nearly

one minute in. The vocals are nice enough but there’s no bass line, the beat is weak

and it’s just far too quiet. There is a Hip Hop feel to the track but it’s barely noticeable. There’s nothing going on in the bigger picture and you certainly feel as if you've hit the filler track for this album.


Track 7- Javo Ni Javo

A beautiful, atmospheric introduction, with flowing streams and natural effects

certainly chills you out and is a great touch. The vibe is soon broken up and we are given another slow offering. As with track 2, its nice production and the vocals start of very well. A track for those lazy Sunday afternoons or late nights. A good effort.


Track 8- Yarri

After a very 'spaced out' introduction, we are finally treated to a heavy beat

and finally something to move to. It’s a nice start, however, it doesn't seem to be going

anywhere which is a real disapointment. I thought this was really going to round

the album off on a heavy note, but its just leaves the listener screaming for a

heavy bassline or variation on the drum pattern. Nowhere near bad enough to be a

filler, but then again its not a classic.


The album rounds off with Instrumentals for Duppata and Kawa, which im sure will

be useful for the DJ's out there to play around with. But to the none dj-ing public

this doesn't add anything to the album.


On the whole, this isn't a bad album, but it’s certainly a fair bit off the pace from

the albums that are at the front of the pack for 2006. there’s a feeling that the

album is carried by track 1, ‘Duppata’, because if this tune wasn’t on the album you

would be left with an average attempt to say the least. Some of the production

shows so much promise but it ends up not developing which is

a real shame as this could have been an album with a number of hits. A decent effort,

but could have been better.