The return of Chulbul Pandey - Dabangg 2 movie review

The return of Chulbul Pandey – Dabangg 2 movie review

The action is present, the overly exaggerated stunts are there as well as the humour that Chulbul Pandey has at all times. Everything is there that you would expect from a follow-up of Dabangg. Salman galvanises the screen and spreads his entertainment throughout in the film even at times when someone is killed, Salman Khan will walk away with a hilarity exit. 

Arbaaz Khan has once again showcased what he can do with his producing and directing ability. Although he has a cameo in the film, he seems like a forgotten soul in the film as of course Salman Khan captivates the limelight. Sonakshi Sinha is a character that plays second fiddle to Salman Khan but whenever she is on screen, she illuminates the screen that leaves the audience to remember her. Vinod Khanna had screen time, mostly humour actions, was placed within a serious talk between father and son in which he could have put his foot down and out-speak Chulbul but this never happened and could be the one thing that was missing in his fatherly character. Other than that, Salman Khan maintains the same charisma and persona, simply flowing up from the first film to this. Prakash Raj coming in to the project in place of Sonu Sood, big boots to fill as Sonu Sood was great in Dabangg. Prakash Raj carried out his character really good and always had an impact on screen through his villain role.

The screenplay in comparison with the first film did not have hanging moments, meaning the first Dabangg had scenes that left you anticipating forward to the next scene whilst Dabangg 2 had a few but not enough scenes that keeps you on the edge of your seats. Back to the script, the first half was impressive and the dialogues did bring laughter. The second half of the film even though it all gets serious, laughter was still present which made it in to an attention-grabbing finish thanks to the climax of the fight scene with Prakash Raj and Salman Khan.

What would Dabangg be without Munni? Dabangg 2 brings back Munni in a much smaller dance item, but it is enough to recreate the buzz that she first created. Kareena Kapoor has a cameo in an item song, the pretty looking actress sparkles the screen along with Salman Khan in 'Fevicol Se'

Overall, the sequel is impressive but not as clinching as the first Dabangg film was. There could have been improvements, more moments that become the talk of the film. But still Dabangg 2 is a worthy film to watch and purely for the laughter and entertainment purposes you will not be disappointed.


DABANGG 2 movie rating is 4/5