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The “Kinng” of IIFA!

It was touted as the biggest act at the IIFA Awards in Bangkok, and it was!
The "kinng", Akshay Kumar, stole the thunder during the grand finale of the recently concluded awards. As the fireworks blazed and the audience screamed with delight, superstar Kumar descended on the stage, sliding swiftly across a cable from the extreme end of the auditorium.
Clad in a pagdi and snazzy overcoat, his get-up in Singh Is Kinng, he was soon joined by a pack of dancers, dressed as sardars, roaring the name of his upcoming release. Among others, he danced to both the title tracks from Singh Is Kinng, leaving the Thais absolutely bedazzled!
Remarks Akshay, of his exemplary stage performance, "I'm glad the performance drew a thunderous applause, as the crowd seemed to enjoy it. From the stage, all I could see were just flashing lights though! I hope my audience enjoys Singh Is Kinng as much as they enjoyed my act. It was only a glimpse of what is to come….."
Singh Is Kinng releases worldwide on August 8 and previews in select locations on August 7. It is an Indian Films – Studio 18 release.
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