The Pakistan, India & UK Friendship Forum Hosts Joint Celebration of 61 Years of Independence.

The Pakistan, India & UK Friendship Forum’s aim is to help individuals of Pakistani and Indian origin, two of Britain’s intrinsic communities, to come closer to each other, to create better understanding, thus leading to stronger community cohesion in Britain.
Once these communities, who share a common history, culture and heritage, come together, it will be easier for them to integrate into mainstream British life. The Pakistan, India & UK Friendship Forum maintains that with ever increasing globalization, it is imperative to promote better racial and religious tolerance in Britain amongst these cultural groups and the event will demonstrate how far these communities have come since gaining Independence from Britain 61 years ago and the strong sense of cohesion that exists between them. 
Artists from both India and Pakistan will present a spectacular cultural programme at the event, while the national flags of all three countries will fly side by side. Asian television channel, B4U, is sponsoring a Musical Programme to entertain the guests, including a specially commissioned song on friendship that will be sung by Pakistani singer Sheik and Indian singer Sham.
The Forum will present a host of special awards to a selection of individuals who have worked hard to build bridges between British Communities to promote better social cohesion. Dr. Rami Ranger MBE, Chairman, Pakistan, India & UK Friendship Forum comments, “We are now British Citizens and interdependent on one another. We cannot afford to look back and instead we must look forward. The Friendship Forum aims to leave a better legacy for the next generation so that they do not have to carry the baggage which their parents did for 60 years.” 
Mr. Ahmad Shahzad, Co-Chairman, Pakistan, India & UK Friendship Forum, adds, “It had taken 60 years for us to come together when, last year, for the first time ever anywhere in the world, we celebrated Independence Days of our respective countries in perfect harmony on 16th August 2007. It was a small step but a giant leap forward for the relationship between the British, Pakistani and Indian communities now living side by side throughout Britain.” 
The Pakistan, India & UK Friendship Forum will be holding their second, annual celebration of the Independence Days of Pakistan & India on 18th August 2008 at SAS Radisson Hotel, Portman Square, London.
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