Mr Raj Loomba, Cherie Blair, Mrs Veena Loomba

The Loomba Trust Accredited with an UN NGO Status

As an associated NGO, The Loomba Trust will focus a portion of its publications and inform activities on the work of the United Nations.
The Trust will also co-operate with the United Nations Information Centres or Services in the UK and with the representatives of the United Nations in the countries where The Loomba Trust is represented. Raj Loomba, CBE, Founder and Chairman of The Loomba Trust commented, "We are delighted and honoured to have received the United Nations accredited NGO status. It is certainly a step forward in the right direction for the United Nations’ recognition of International Widows Day, which takes place on 23rd June every year, and for which The Loomba Trust is campaigning aggressively.”