Another television gem that’s sure to captivate viewers as soon as it begins on STAR Plus, Sangam tells the emotional story of small town girl, ‘Ganga’, as she struggles through life, selflessly rejecting every opportunity that comes her way, for the sacrifice and interests of others. 

Ganga aspires towards personal autonomy and a better life by attending college in


Mumbai, following the dreams of her poor college master father, ‘Deena Nath’.


However, fate intervenes and, following the sudden death of her father, Ganga is left


to deal with the wrath of a local gangster, ‘Madan’, who intends to marry Ganga in


return for money owed to him by Deena Nath.  



A new lease of life comes Ganga’s way in the form of ‘Sagar’, a city-bred and


educated man, who wins the affections of Ganga, after a series of


misunderstandings. However, unbeknownst to Ganga, Sagar is already betrothed to


his childhood sweetheart, ‘Madhoo’. Will Ganga escape the clutches of Madan and


fulfill her dream of a better life? Will the Sangam between Sagar and Ganga become


reality? Make sure to watch this riveting new series, to discover the exciting outcome.  



Continuing to prove itself as Asia’s unrivalled media and entertainment company,  


STAR Plus warrants its much-deserved praise for balancing glossy, celebrity-based


talk and game shows, with a superior standard of soap operas and dramas, all of


which present characters with whom audiences can relate – and Sangam is no




Sangam is on every Monday – Thursday at 7.00pm on STAR Plus from 15th


October, repeated every Monday – Thursday at 12.00pm.