Tasha Tah

Tasha Tah

Singer/songwriter Tasha comes from an influential and somewhat inspiring family. Her grandmother was well established poet in India and father Vikram Tah was a music mogul in his own right affiliated with consumer electronics giant and music record label T-Series. His career spanned over 30 years and he moved amongst legends like Amitabh Bachchan and Jagjit Singh. As a result, Tasha’s childhood is laced with memories of performing in front of music icons like the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

Through her former years, Tasha followed the rise of music producer Rishi Rish coyly admitting that ‘Simply Rish’ was the first ever Asian produced album she bought. She had no idea that a few years later she would be meeting the man himself and the roller coaster ride of her musical career would begin.

As a songwriter Tasha links her own life experiences and observations to her music – she’s a story teller as well as a performer. Defining her own style however, is another matter; she’s a sweet bundle of musical exuberance literally bursting to come out.

The West London singer was signed up to RRP’s in 2008. Since then she has already written and completed two singles the first being ‘Body beat’. The track itself has a catchy, staccato beat with a playful melody throughout, it’s fun and energetic.

Coming from a background where poetry has played a consistent theme, the young singer’s passion lies in putting pen to paper and expressing herself.
And expresses she does – she writes and sings about anything and everything even touching on some slightly taboo subjects. This is where she’s different; she’s grounded yet adventurous, strong yet sexy, deep yet daring. She’s something fresh in an industry which can all too often become quite stale and cheaply replicated.

Keep your eyes open for this talented siren – she’s sure to be a hit with those of you who like to keep the vibe uninhibited and real.

Currently Tasha is working on her upcoming album. You’ll be able to catch a glimpse of her at various venues over the upcoming months.

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