Started DJ'ing in my bedroom at the age of 13/14yrs then at the age of 15/16yrs me & my neighbour got into TRYING!!! to produce music on a Amiga 64 in his shed in the back of his garden. We were sampling other people's records and creating music that way. We soon realized that this was probably not going to get us very far and so we decided to get more into playing around with keyboards. It was all a bit of a struggle for many years to come…..
At the age of 22/23yrs I took out a loan and got my first real bit of gear and by this time I had started working for a P.A. company doing the sound for many live bands up & down the country. A few years later I got my first engineering job in a professional recording studio. I then went on to producing an album which was released by O.S.A. I was then asked to do a remix of the track Bindi Mathe Di Bindi by Shin (D.C.S.) which was released on the album 'OLD SKOOL NEW SKOOL FLAVA'.
I then got signed to Realtone Records for whom I produced a mix tape entitled 'SAY HEY' which featured various artists such as Master Rakesh.I’m currently working on a project called RHYTHM SHAKERS which is due to release in 2006.