Sumeet is the most pleasant of vocal surprises. This soulful beauty came straight out of the Canadian backcountry, born in London, Ontario. From the first note, her strong, smooth voice can send an electrifying jolt down your spine. She notes Hip-Hop, Reggae, and artists such as Erykah Badu, Buju Banton, and Mary J. Blige as some of her inspirations, and she approaches her music with the same down-to-earth elegance. As much a talented vocal stylist as she is a singer and songwriter, Sumeet adds her own vibrant, invigorating flavor to every song; a touch of sweetness, a dose of spice, a pinch of old-school funkiness, brought together for one-of-a-kind melodic expression.

Her debut independent album Deeper is a smooth blend of R&B, Hip-Hop, and Dance Hall. The album has been hailed as "flawless" by DesiClub.Com. The range of her abilities is shown off on infectious dancehall hip-hop jams such as “Agony” featuring Atlantic Records recording artist Elephant Man, and “Wine Me (2 Da Ground)” which have both been in heavy rotation across Canadian and UK radio, as well as Siruis Satellite Radio in the U.S. Because of popular demand, “Wine Me (2 Da Ground)” was included on Toronto’s Flow 93.5 FM’s prestigious Urban FlowCase CD.

"Agony" featuring Elephant Man proved to be a worldwide hit. As well as being included on numerous compilations including Universal Record's DanceHall Hits 2004, the song was used by designer Diane von Furstenberg on the runway to introduce her Spring 2006 clothing line, and has been popular as far out as Japan, where Sumeet signed a major distribution deal and shipped 10,000 copies of her album in November of 2005.

Grammy Awards Board Of Governors member Dave O’Donnell produced “Rush”. O’Donnell, who has engineered artists such as Sting, Mary J. Blige, and James Taylor, was able to infuse his own experiences and knowledge into the song to give it a somber maturity. The song was chosen for the soundtrack to the Montreal International Hip-Hop Film Festival in 2005, and will also be featured throughout Season One of VH1's new show "Can't Get A Date" starting in May of 2006.

Recently, three of Sumeet’s songs were featured on BBC Radio and made the “A-Playlist”, and were picked as “Recommended Listening” in the April 2005 and August 2004 issues of The Fader Magazine. In July of 2005, Sumeet was featured in an article and interview on AllHipHop.Com, the leading North American hip-hop site. She was also the only contemporary North American artist invited to feature on "We Can Make It Better", a charity single with AR Rahman and Mukhtar Sahota.

The next few years hold great promises for this young, rising star. Sumeet was the host of a popular weekly television show produced by TV India called VDESi that aired on Time Warner Cable in NYC and Seattle every Saturday morning, reaching millions of viewers. She has just signed a two album management deal in the UK with The Lemon Group, and plans to release new material commercially this year.