Strangers Give Ghetto a Makeover!

Strangers Give Ghetto a Makeover!

The Stranger Family is set to release its first track featuring all five stars of the collective. The track called, ‘Ghetto Refix’, is out today on Tiffin Beats Records with an accompanying video

The track ‘Ghetto’ originally featured on Junai Kaden’s debut album ‘From Me To You’ and has basically undergone a Stranger family refix. The track has been orchestrated to satisfy the demands of their ever-growing loyal fan base.

The final version has resulted in a very unusual track where five musical genres are fused together on a Hip Hop beat. This formula combined with five different personalities has created a cutting-edge record which is ready to wake up the Asian music scene.

Stranger Family, a collective of five of the foremost artistes performing in the British Asian music industry today: Mumzy Stranger, Junai Kaden, Tasha Tah, Char Avell and Ramee, have, through their music and image become representatives of the new generation of South Asians in the UK today. Their vibe is young, hip and urban.

As individual artists they each have their own musical repertoire and reputation as well as huge fan bases, and as a collective, they promise to be a force to be reckoned with!

Mumzy Stranger (2011 UK AMA Best Urban Act and 2010 BritAsia Best Urban Asian Act) who launched his career five years ago offers Urban/R’n’B/Desi vibes all interlaced with his signature ‘bashment’ style.

Junai Kaden, with his mainly female following, which can only be described as fanatical and frenzied, brings modern Qawwali/Urban/RnB vibes to the party

Tasha Tah and Ramee, the girl power in the collective, add classical and urban twists in Punjabi combined with the ever-popular sounds of Boliyan and Bhangra to the mix.

Whilst Char Avell brings a smooth, soulful R’n’B sound to complete this exciting new offering.


The Stranger Family: Mumzy Stranger, Junai Kaden, Tasha Tah, Char Avell and Ramee

Whether individually or collectively they are the hottest live acts on the British Asian Music scene today; singing not only in English, but also between them being able to sing in nearly all the main languages of the south Asian sub-continent.

The Stranger Family artistes are of a generation that have been raised and exposed to not only western music but also South Asian music through influences of previous generations. This eclectic exposure has developed a style that is not only exclusive to the ‘Stranger Family’ but is current.

Both the music and lyrics of the Stranger collective’s tracks depict their generational and cultural uniqueness, resonating strongly with people of South Asian origin and placing them in a unique and powerful position to connect directly across generations, races and cultures.

The Stranger Family through their distinct music and image represent, promote and unify a culture of acceptance across South Asian borders that has developed through a South Asian generation growing up in multi-cultural Britain.