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STAR TV partners with Lloyds TSB Southern Jewel Awards

Now in its fifth year, the Lloyds TSB Southern Jewel Awards will celebrate the continued achievements of British Asians across the public and private sectors, and the prestigious event will be recorded and televised on STAR Plus on 7th October at 7:30 in UK and Europe. 
The Lloyds TSB Southern Jewel Awards marks one of the most esteemed entries on the UK Asian business calendar, whereby the most significant Asian achievements and contributions to the UK economy and wider community are commended against a backdrop of refined entertainment and a gala dinner attended by dignatories, MPs and high profile personalities.
STAR TV is immensely proud to contribute to the prolific event, by exclusively sponsoring the event and televising it in UK and Europe.  
The partnership with the Jewel Awards reaffirms STAR TV’s fundamental principle of broadcasting the widest possible spectrum of programming across entertainment, community and current affairs, as well as the highest level of news and sports reporting.
The commitment to telecast the award ceremony also reflects the channel’s continued commitment to celebrating the achievements and successes of the Asian community, and also reflects the diverse nature in tastes and expectancy of its audiences.   
Seven Jewel awards will be announced at the event for Business & Commerce Excellence, Entrepreneur Excellence, Healthcare & Education Excellence, Professional Excellence, Public Service Excellence, Retail Food & Franchise Excellence, and the coveted Lifetime Achievement Jewel Award.
The awards ceremony and accompanying evening of first class entertainment and jubilations will be brought exclusively by STAR TV to viewers at home.  “STAR TV is delighted to partner with such a prolific event on the Asian business calendar” – comments Nick Thind, Vice President, STAR TV European Operations.
STAR TV is committed to engaging with communities on a domestic, as well as a global level. It is our aim to get involved in events that reflect all facets of these communities in whatever capacity we can, and to reflect our ethos of informing, as well as entertaining, on key activities and events that span the entire spectrum of community affairs and interests”. 
Lloyds TSB Southern Jewel Awards will be broadcast on 7th of October at 7:30pm, exclusively on STAR Plus.