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Soprano XL- first ever pain free laser hair removal!

Anyone who has experienced waxing, laser or IPL will tell you about the “ow” factor.
Now, all of that is about to change with the introduction of ‘The Soprano Laser’, exclusive to Renew Medica at the Urban Retreat on the 5th Floor at Harrods.  
So why are the experts raving about a new laser?  Surely they’ve seen it all before. Well, for one thing, we’ve discovered that the incredible results being claimed for The Soprano are not hot air.
The revolutionary new technology virtually eliminates all negative sensations with a special system that cools the skin on contact. This cooling not only makes the treatment more comfortable and gentle, it makes it more effective.
In tune with your skin. The Soprano is FDA approved and is proven to treat all skin types of any colour but excluding recently chemically or naturally tanned skin. 
This reduces the risks associated with both IPL and lasers potentially burning darker skins.  A matter of tone.
And that’s not all. Unlike previous lasers, the Soprano treats hair of any colour and texture, including blonde and grey hair and fine hair that is usually more difficult to target. With any permanent hair reduction programme, you invariably need a course of at least 6 treatments, 4 to 6 weeks apart. 
 But practitioners are saying that with the Soprano, treatment times are reduced significantly and areas are covered more thoroughly. No wonder the Soprano is hitting all the right notes with our discerning clientele. A consultation with Renew Medica provides you with the opportunity to ask any questions on this exciting treatment breakthrough as well as on any other treatments you may be considering.  

To book your personal consultation, contact Renew Medica at the Urban Retreat on 020 7893 8333.



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