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maz bonafide

maz bonafide


Maz is one half of the award winning UK Asian music duo ‘Bonafide’ hence
the stage name ‘Maz Bonafide’

Following on from the worldwide success of his first solo single ‘Jaan’,
Maz Bonafide is back with ‘Soni Soni Selfiyan’ which he has written and
composed himself.

The entertaining dance floor anthem is very much aimed at the millions of
people who click selfies on a daily basis and has been produced by
acclaimed music makers ‘Bloodline’.

Fresh from his North America Tour Maz says:
“I literally wrote and composed the whole song in a couple of hours! I
wanted to write a fun up-tempo track dedicated to the current selfie
phenomenon, which has swept across the globe and become so popular on
social media.
“Everywhere you go these days fans want selfies. When I’m out and about;
be it here in the UK or another part of the world, fans want to take
selfies. It’s no longer just about meet and greet,
everyone wants to capture the moment. So naturally I wanted to give back
to all, say a thank you for all the love and support and what better way
to do this than portray this in my music and capture the fun and

Starring the tremendously stunning Jasmin Walia (The only way is Essex,
Towie, Desi rascals fame ) and set in a luxurious
venue ‘Arabian Nites’ the big budget video also looks set to cause a stir.

As part of Bonafide, Maz along with his partner in rhyme, Ziggy recently
collaborated with Bilal Saeed to give us the beautiful melodic summer hit
With Soni Soni Selfiyan the popular British Pakistani singer is hoping to
expand his musical horizons and reach out to even more people. “I enjoy
both working as a solo artist as well as being a part of Bonafide. We like
to switch it up and make each release fresh and different to our previous
songs hence I followed up a romantic number ‘Memories’ with a fun uptempo
song many people will be able to relate to. I really hope people make Soni
Soni Selfiyan their own,” said Maz.

Artist: Maz Bonafide
Music: Bloodline
Lyrics: Maz Bonafide
Composition: Maz Bonafide
Director: Maz Bonafide
Editor and Colourist: Surinder Singh