Sonakshi Sinha reveals the lengths they went to in order to protect the climax of Ittefaq

Sonakshi Sinha reveals alternative endings were shot for Ittefaq

Sonakshi Sinha reveals the lengths they went to in order to protect the climax of Ittefaq


As the #SayNoToSpoliers campaign by the team of Abhay Chopra‘s upcoming thriller Ittefaq takes over Twitter, the lead actress Sonakshi Sinha reveals that they have taken more measures to ensure that the climax remains a mystery.

In a promotional video, Interrogation with Karan Johar (a spin on Koffee with Karan), the host and co-producer of the film, Karan Johar asks the three principal cast members — Sonakshi, Akshaye Khanna and Sidharth Malhotra — if they revealed the climax of the suspense thriller to their close ones.

Sonakshi points out that they took additional measures to protect the suspense attached with the film. “We shot alternate endings. A cameraman, a lights guy or any crewmember would not know the script. So it was important that we shoot alternate endings so that they do not leak what the actual climax is,” says Sonakshi.

Ittefaq is the remake of late filmmaker Yash Chopra’s 1969 classic of the same name. While it is directed by his nephew Abhay, the remake is co-produced by Renu Chopra and Juno Chopra‘s BR Studios, Johars’ Dharma Productions and Shah Rukh Khan’Red Chillies Entertainment.


Ittefaq is in cinemas now.

Watch Behind the Scenes with Sonakshi Sinha here:

Directed by Abhay Chopra

Starring Sonakshi Sinha, Siddharth Malhotra & Akshaye Khanna

Ittefaq is out in cinemas today









Genre: Crime, Thriller, Drama
Language: Hindi with English subtitles
Cast: Sonakshi Sinha, Akshaye Khanna, Siddharth Malhotra
Director: Abhay Chopra
Producers: Renu Ravi Chopra, Gauri Khan, Karan Johar
Co-produced: Juno Chopra
Director of Photography: Michal Luka
Distributor: Yash Raj Films



Dev (Akshaye Khanna), a police officer, is investigating a double murder case that has only two witnesses, who are also the prime suspects. The suspects – Vikram (Siddharth Malhotra), an acclaimed writer, and Maya (Sonakshi Sinha), a young homemaker, have different narratives about the events of that fateful night. Both the stories seem true but there can be only one truth. Dev is torn between the two versions of the story, and will not settle till he finds out what happened that night.


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