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Sona Walia – Love Strings

Sona has an amazing voice and not to mention outstanding performance abilities. She has the ability to sing, dance and act! 
She was awarded best dancer in GND University in Amritsar. After graduating in vocal music in India she came to the UK and has performed with various famous UK artists and Bollywood stars.

Promoter Papa Joe seen Sona Walia perform and he was very impressed who then introduced her to Tejwant Kittu. In summer 2007 she started working with Tejwant Kittu on her debut Album, ‘Love Strings’

Tejwant Kittu: I had a dream of making a production house of my own and finally started putting my plinth stones in UK with the search of a genuinely true artist in Sona Walia, my dreams saw no boundaries. In the world of music full of facts and fictions, I prepared my self to launch Sona in a surprisingly new getup.

 By the grace of The Almighty and blessings of my beloved mother, now I am all set to present the first album of Kittu Productions to the world. I hope my efforts have gone in the right path.

I expect all your blessings to provide me with courage and energy to go still further                         


Track Listing:
01.   Akhian Tere Naal (ft Apache Indian)
02.   Wanga
03.   Rab Mann Ke
04.   Makhna Kaleje Naal
05.   Resham Di Dori (ft Christyle)
06.   Heer Mundea
07.   Dil Te Kach
08.   Laung Gawa Aayian