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Sona Family Album Launch Party @ VIP .R.A.M.P. Club 49

The night is hosted & run by Mentor & Ameet Chana.
We @ Punjab2000 had a long think about checking it out.

Put it this way, Kazz & Harry from the Sona Family & Mentor having invited us down to the night which meant either a long trek down to Soho (Central London) or we could stay home & watch the Bill ;) on TV, hard choice you say?? ::)

How do you think I felt? But anyway London won.

So a few hours later we eventually arrive at the club, just to be told, nope your not on the guest list, so either pay up or move on.
We were like WHAT?!?
:o You Can not be serious?!?

Anyway it was a case of someone (Mentor) forgetting to put us on the list, but it got sorted out, so it was all good.

Now Club 49 is not a very big joint, but it is a place worth checking out.

So anyway as usual, being the professions that we are, we hit the bar first..(Has to be done). :P

Now as we made our way downstairs to where the party was happing, the first people we bumped into were Kazz

Kazz (Sona Family) & Tony
(Who I still want to meet In a dark alley) ;) & Harry Sona from the Sona family.

After the hello’s etc, we started bumping into a few more familiar faces & from there the night just got better.

As Mr. Mentor was on the decks playing some classic dance tunes that had the crowd bopping away, the venue started getting a bit more full.

What we ware surprise at, was at some of the cliental , were not exactly what I would call a clubbing crowd or one’s that might be into the music policy of the night, but that never stopped them from bopping away on the dance floor.

All I could say was respect to them for getting into the grove!! :)

With other dj’s on the night inc DJ Pinky, the Sona Family’s very own JC (The Superstar DJ) & the original DJ Senator from back in the day Mr. Ameet Chana (That’s right Ameet Chana was the original DJ Senator, before he handed the name over to the currant one, who’s vanished of the face of the earth). ???

The music on the night was wicked as well.
Everything from Funky ol skool classics like Chaka Khan’s “I Feel For you”, James Brown “I Feel Good” & my personal favorite of the night was Salt N Peppers “Push It” (Brings back good memories that does & no I don’t mean it in any other sense then the musical way), :-X to the sounds of 1-12 “Only You”, J Kwon’s “Tipsy” & the one song that I have to say that suit’s VJ down to a T & can’t have been made any better if tried, was Jay Z’s “Big Pimping” ;D LOL. To the more currant Timerland, Pussycat Dolls etc.

In between all of this the Dj’s were playing tunes from the new album by the Sona Family “Make Some Noise” & other Bhangra tracks from the likes of Panjabi MC & err….. can’t remember now.

The only thing I was disappointed was there was no PA by the Sona family (As the venue is not really big enough) & none of the DJ’s played MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This” I was absolutely gutted about that, spoiled the entire night for me. I mean how can you NOT play this tune(ooooh oooh oohhh oooh oh oh… Hammer Time) >:(

But over all it was a top night from start to finish with some really nice people & a mixed clientele that would make any club / night envious.

If you never been to the VIP RAMP at Club 49, this is a night you got to check out at least once!!!!

9/10 for this night (Would have been 10/10 if they played MC Hammer)

PS: Shout out going to Kazz & Mentor for putting the pressure on, to make us come to the night, Ameet Chana for the tenner (You know what I mean)

MJ & Kushty (Chak De Phattey) Harry Sona as well for the free limited edition Sona Family T Shirt (Going straight onto E-bay that is) & for a copy of the album as well.

And last but not least to our 2 new P2K fans Chloe & Louise.

Check out pictures from the night here