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SKEPTA feat. Preeya Kalidas - ‘CROSS MY HEART’

SKEPTA feat. Preeya Kalidas – ‘CROSS MY HEART’.


Grime meets Desi in Rishi Rich’s kulcha mix of Skepta’s latest single ‘Cross my heart’
Preeya Kalidas.

Alongside Dizzee Rascal and Wiley, UK Bad Boy Skepta is considered a veteran of the UK grime scene and is now set to break barriers by being the first grime artist to cross over into the Asian music scene with the help of legendary producer Rishi Rich.
Having already worked with the likes of many mainstream artists such as Britney Spears, Mary J Blige and Craig David Rishi is no stranger to mixing different genres of music and once again breaks new ground with this single.
Featuring on both versions of the single Preeya Kalidas add her captivating vocals to create a sound that crosses the boundaries of both grim and asian music. Speaking of his collaboration with Preeya and of the Kulcha mix, Skepta states ‘…working with Preeya was great and she brought a great vibe to the track and Rishi’s Kulcha mix helps take the single to another level!’
The video to ‘CROSS MY HEART’ features Skepta and Preeya in a luxury estate and within two days of being launched online received over 80,000 views on You Tube breaking the previous record set by NDUBZ.
Within a week this number has risen to over 350,000 views and is still soaring.Both mixes of the single have received strong support from not only mainstream but the underground ground and Asian markets as well and is guaranteed to please fans and cross into their hearts.  
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