Shop Till You Drop!

Personally as a fashion lover I love spending time online looking at fashion! Every now and then I come across some pieces that are just too amazing for me to pass up and share with some friends… or Pinterest! So I’ve decided to now share them with you here at so you too can buy the beautiful pieces I’ve found!

Shop Till You Drop!

Summer’s almost here! And that means… BBQ! Spending time with family and get togethers at the park, beach or backyard patio is always fun! And this week I came across some really neat finds for the perfect BBQ including dad and mom’s Branding Irons (just so you know who the BBQ wiz is…) from , Metal Lattice 10-Bulb String Lights from , Chocolate Fondue Mug Set from , Brazilian Style Double Hammock from , and last but not least… a Pizzeria Pronto OUTDOOR PIZZA OVEN from !


1. Branding Irons


Shop Till You Drop Shop Till You Drop



Dad’s BBQ Branding Iron:


Mom’s BBQ Branding Iron:

2. Metal Lattice 10-Bulb String Lights


Shop Till Drop!

3. Chocolate Fondue Mug


Shop Till You Drop!

4. Brazilian Style Double Hammock


Shop Till You Drop!

5. Pizzeria Pronto Outdoor Pizza Oven


Shop Till You Drop