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Shiv Pandit Speaks to Khushi Qazi from About Boss

Shiv Pandit Speaks to Khushi Qazi from About Boss


Shiv Pandit Speaks to Khushi Qazi from About Boss

Shiv Pandit Speaks to Khushi Qazi from About Boss



                               He created a buzz in Bollywood with his exceptional performance in his first Hindi film Shaitaan. The Bhai of the Boss, critically acclaimed, charming and talented actor Shiv Pandit speaks about his movie Boss and his experience with working alongside the ‘Action King’ of Bollywood, Akshay Kumar, his journey in the B-town and much more with Khushi Qazi from


Q – According to you, how different are Tamil movies from Hindi Movies?


A – Both of these cultures are very different. But both movies have action, comedy, drama, romance. There are certain things which go very well in Tamil films and certain things go very well in Hindi Films. It is different mostly because of the culture.




Q – You’ve worked in Tamil and Hindi movies. Which one did you enjoy working on the most?


A – Both actually. Tamil film was difficult to do because Tamil doesn’t come naturally to me. I had to spend fourteen months of my life doing that film out of which six month I studied and tried to get pronunciations and phonetics. Hindi comes naturally to me. Hindi is easier to portray.




Q – You’ve been a radio jockey and done television commercials and now you’re doing a full Bollywood Masala movie.  How has the journey been for you up till now?


A – It’s been very good. It’s been very enriching. Every step of the way, I’ve done different different things and learnt new things and every field has given me a certain skill set which I use every day in my life. I like to learn. So I keep learning. I keep observing. So I am very happy with what I’ve done so far.




Q – Your previous movies like Shaitan and Leelai have done really well. Audience and Critics both have liked them a lot. How does that feel?


A – I feel very happy you know. Because the thing is that at the end of the day everyone liked to know that they’ve done a good job and everyone goes to work and tries to give their hundred percent. The audience and critics both liking my work makes me happy and feels good that I am at the winning wicket at the moment. I hope that it happens with this film as well as its’ a very different genre than what I have done before. It’s a complete Bollywood Masala movie. It’s a total pot boiler. So I hope people like my work in this film as well. But then again, sometimes you succeed and sometimes you don’t. So let’s see how it goes.




Q – You’ve done a few films now. Have you gotten used to the glamour and fans in Bollywood?


A – Not in the least. And I hope I never do. Because I still want to feel butterflies in my stomach every day. I want to have that nervous energy. I want to know if I made any mistakes. I want to know every day in my life that I am not perfect. I think I will never be perfect. I have to keep working as hard as I can to get better step by step. I do love people adoring me. But don’t want to get used to the glamour and fans.


Shiv Pandit Speaks to Khushi Qazi from About Boss

Shiv Pandit Speaks to Khushi Qazi from About Boss


Q – Apart from acting, what do you enjoy doing the most?


A – I love watching movies. I love eating. I live to eat. I play a lot of sports. That’s pretty much it.




Q – Which movie genre do you like watching the most?


A – I love action and thrillers and Sci-fi. I mean you’re asking the wrong question. (Laughs) I actually like a lot of films. So Sci-fi and action are my favourites. You know, I love these big budget blockbuster films. I have this thing for space. I’d love to be a part of a Sci-fi film.




Q – Who are your inspirations from Bollywood?


A – Actually I got into films by chance. I didn’t pre plan for it. So I don’t have any inspirations. But I really admire a lot of people. I admire Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. I love him. He is an amazing person, honestly. I really like Akshay Kumar. I’ve been watching his films since I was a kid. I am so happy that I am getting to work with these people. I am standing shoulder to shoulder with such great people in the same frame.




Q – Do you think luck is necessary for person to enter Bollywood and make a mark?


A – Little bit of luck never hurts anybody. That’s what I believe. And as far as luck is concerned, it can only take you or show you the door to the opportunity. You will only open more and more doors based on your talent and hard work. So maybe, little bit of luck can help somebody. Like, being at the right place at the right time, that’s true in the industry. But apart from that, I think there is no substitute for hard work.




Q – How did you end up doing Boss?


A – My producer, Mr. Ashwin Varde had seen Shaitaan and He really liked my work in it. So he called me in his office to meet up with Mr. Akshay Kumar and then the two of asked me whether I would like to work and offered me the film. So I said yes.




Q – What is the role that you are playing in Boss all about?


A – I play a 23 year old guy whose morally upright kind of a person. He respects his father and his elder brother a lot. He can’t really see injustice happening to anybody. So he stands up against it. He has a love track with Ankita which is played by Aditi Rao Hydari. Their romantic track gives rise to lot of conflicts in the film. And to resolve those the elder brother Boss comes in the picture and the two brothers together they go and resolve these problems. The film has two major points, one is the relationship between two brothers and other is the relationship between a father and his two sons.




Q – Everybody is praising your romantic pairing with Aditi Rao Hydari. How is she as a co star?


A – She’s very chilled out and she was a breeze working with. She is extremely professional. She is a kind of a person that I didn’t have to break ice with and waste time getting to know her. Because I didn’t know her before the film but it was very easy getting to know her from day one. So it was very easy for me.




Q – Working with Mr. Akshay Kumar, someone you admire, How was that experience? Did you learn a lot from him?


A – Yes, I did. I learnt a lot from him because he really does have masters in action. I saw him perform very closely so yeah I got to learn a lot. Especially in precision and technique, things I’ll definitely keep in mind the next time I go in action film. I has a great time working with him and observing him.




Q – Which is the most memorable seen that you’ve done in the movie?


A – I think my favourite scene would be the dance sequence of the song Hum Naa Tode. Because that was the first time that I faced camera with Akshay Kumar and it was the first time that I realised that I am working on a big budget film. So I would day that, that sequence was the most memorable for me.




Q – And you’ve done action scenes in the film as well?


A – Yes I have.




Q – What are your future plans after Boss?


A – Yeah. I have signed a three films deal with Mr. Akshay Kumar’s company. And I also have a couple of other films happening at the same time. They’ll be making an official announcement after Boss most probably. I’ll be doing two more films with Mr. Akshay Kumar’s company after that.




Q – Are you nervous since the film release is so near?


A – You know, the thing is that before the release, I become very too numb. So I kind of just take it easy and take it as it comes. Cause there is no point of stressing over it. What has to happen will happen.




Q – Any messages for our punjab2000 readers?


A – I would like to say that please go and watch Boss. Everybody has worked so hard for it. I don’t think it will disappoint you. It’s a complete entertainer. It’s something for everyone in the family. It’s a family film. So please go and watch the film. And I hope you like it.