Meena & Shaun

Shaun “Banger” Scott interview @ Miss Bassline

How does it compare to playing gigs over in the Balearics and Greece?

I’ll be playing in Ayia Napa, Ibiza and Malia this summer actually. You see a lot of old faces, the real hardcore ravers, because they love that vibe over there. And you’re breaking new music to people that don’t know it so well, it’s like watching your kids open their Christmas presents!

So what got you into the scene and what have been the high points of your time as a DJ?

Well I started out DJing from my love of Chicago house – people like Mr Lee – and it just started to evolve my own sound from there. I’ve been the business for 20 years now, I’ve had two chart hits and have just been signed to Ministry of Sound. I’m just happy to get to do what I love doing as a living!

What tracks do you predict to make it big this year?

Well everyone already knows about H2O's "What it's Gonna Be"  which is # 2 in the mainstreme charts for over 2 weeks  so the next 2 I think are “U Wot” by DJ Q and Bonez, and “Lately” by TRC., On that point, he had make a sharp exit for the dj box for his set. & he left without me getting a chance to ask where the phase "Banger" came from…

Boy Better Know & Shaun