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Aaja Nachle

Sharmila Tagore backs Madhuri Dixit after Aaja Nachle flop.

Aaja Nachle
Legandary Bollywood star Sharmila Tagore has sprung to the defence of Madhuri Dixit after her comeback film Aaja Nachle flopped miserably at the box office in India.   Speaking to Raj and Pablo on BBC Asian Network’s Love Bollywood  programme (Saturdays and Sundays 8am -12 noon) 
Sharmila said :“The media trashed the film a little bit and cinema tickets are expensive and most middle class families look at reviews and then go to the cinema.
The media didn't like the film, it could have been that. I think the film is very good, she's wonderful , she's danced very well it's nice, but the audience fancy a change they are very fickle…. the story let her down but she is shouldering the responsibility in the absence of a male star, but she needed a better storyline! Speaking to Love Bollywood during her birthday celebrations with her family Sharmila Tagore was asked what she wanted for her birthday. She told Raj and Pablo her children were trying to make sure she became more trendy and technology savvy ;
Well I give a list to my kids, now that they're earning more than I am…. !I'm absolutely challenged by your modern inventions like digital camera and all types of computers etc. So it's my earnest desire to become technology savvy, so I've got challenging computers and challenging cameras, all kinds of technical stuff from my children because they want me on par with them.
My son is spoiling me with bags he thinks I need to dress a lit bit more trendy, more designer labels. To me it doesn't really make a difference!”.. Speaking about her role as the Head of Central Board of Film Certification in India and how India's less conservative attitudes were bringing in changes within the film industry.
“Times are changing, our audience and Indians are exposed to much more. In my time there was no television, we were not travelling abroad as much . These days we are travelling more. Thanks to television we are seeing foreign films, so Indians are exposed to a greater sense of freedom. So we can deal with a little bit of adult stuff. Times are changing in India.
Sharmila was speaking to Love Bollywood on Asian Network the day after her daughter, Soha Ali Khan's film release Khoya Khoya Chand.  
She said she was pleased her daughter got a chance to play a more mature role; “To get such a meaty role so early your career, specially nowadays (when)  most films are male centric and it's the heroes who get the meaty roles and girls are there just for decoration just to sing songs etc, but this gave her a huge opportunity.

I was in fact very happy for her to work with Sudhir Mishra, who's a reknowned good actor.”