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Shaheedi 400 – Saint Soldier

Immortal Productions alongside Tigerstyle, XS-BASS and introducing
Narinder Singh & Surinder Singh proudly present their latest addition to the
revolutionary Shaheedi series: Shaheedi 400 – Saint Soldier.

After the resounding success of the previous three albums, the Immortals
team have released their latest album. With this latest offering the purpose
remains the same, to halt the fading memories of our fallen brothers and sisters.

400 years of spilt blood has not been in vain, nor has the attempt of many,
to ensure that their sacrifice is never forgotten. Dedicated to Dhan Guru Arjan Dev Ji,
this fourth album commemorates 400 years of sacrifice, by countless

saintly warriors who abandoned the comforts of their homes and loved ones,
to walk on a path where mortal death was a near certainty.

The pulsating music and harrowing vocals are contrasted with a sombre
tone and poignant lyrics to symbolise the complexity of sacrifice.

Not only is it an act that inspires courage and valour, but also an act that
offers reverence and gratitude to the Creator as a beautiful flower is plucked
from His garden.
Traditional dhad, sarangi and kaveeshar have been fused with modern
and western sounds such as the guitar to create a captivating and innovative
sound that is unparalleled.
Not only are the tracks enthralling to listen to,
but the elegance of the lyrics instils a sense of pride that links us
back to our sisters & brothers-in-arms, who have sacrificed their present to
secure our future.

We pay homage to these sons and daughters of Guru Ji, who have engraved their
names into those chapters of history that glow to inspire our glory.

This album is devoted to them, and all the budding flowers within us all,
that may once again bloom and transform the term sacrifice.

Available across the World at Vaisakhi celebrations in April 2006.

The CD will be available from from the 18th Of April 2006