Shaanti Present Mighty Asian Beats

 Tracks include exclusive unreleased material from Panjabi MC, Swami, UK Apache, The Specialist, Gaudi, Nuphlo, Sharaab, Mo Magic, 2AM All Stars, Juttla as well as tracks from Deep, A.C and Terra feat. Des-C (part of the Mentor Kollectiv) and Genesis Elijah, Sunit and Raxstar, Foreign Beggars and MDK Cartel.

Mighty Asian Beats is an enticing, original collection of unreleased and exclusive tracks fluidly combined to inspire a new generation. Piecing together the definitive soundtrack for fans from all corners of Bhangra, Hip Hop, Grime, Electronica, R&B, Eastern Break-Beat, Electro, House; Fusion, downright dancefloor it’s a must have CD that captures the soul of this kind of music. It also serves as a taster and incredibly accurate predictor of the forthcoming summer hits.

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