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Serious about getting married?

Sometimes being on a matrimonial list at your local Gurdwara trying to find the right one can feel like you’re waiting in a long queue of potentials, trying to get noticed and picked out of all the other people on the list and there is nothing worse than feeling like you don’t stand out.

If only there was a new modern online platform, aligned to Sikh values and easy to use which connected users all over the UK out there…oh wait…there is! Lavaan.

What is

Lavaan is a new online marriage service where men and women can get to know each other with the intention of getting married. Lavaan also provides an education platform which encourages users to learn about what marriage means between two people and in Sikhi. 

Oh really? tell me more - Condescending Wonka - quickmeme

How does Lavaan work?

  1. Go to and sign up in minutes
  1. Once registered you’ll see others searching for their perfect partner in ‘find my match’
  1. Tap ‘interested’ if you think they are a suitable match for you
  1. They will be sent a notification with your email address
  1. If someone shows interest back, you’ll both be notified of the match and will both receive each other’s email addresses.

Why Lavaan is the future?

At Lavaan, we know you want to get married, and we want you to get married, which is why we developed a respectful, safe and modern platform which makes it easier looking for a partner. During Covid-19, a lot of our Gurdwara services are closed; we created this online platform so people could continue looking for a partner rather than putting their lives on hold.

Who created Lavaan?

The mind behind Lavaan is Harpreet Kaur based out of London. With Gurdwaras temporarily closed due to the pandemic, Harpreet noticed a lot of her friends had put their search for a partner on hold. To find a way around this, was created. An online matrimonial platform based on Gurdwara values; respectful, safe and honest.