Sensual Punjabi R&B has arrived, Jaz Dhami ‘Teri Ah’


Sensual Punjabi R&B has arrived

Teri Ah is best described as Punjabi lyrics entangled in a sensual R&B melody, with an artful musical arrangement.

There are no blurred lines here, in Teri Ah, Jaz Dhami captures the intimacy of the R&B genre without sacrificing the core sentiments of an emotional Punjabi song.

Jaz Dhami reveals facets of his singing ability that were yet to be uncovered, further cementing him as a pioneer for the British Asian music scene globally. Through his breathtaking vocal delivery he takes the listener on a passionate journey of love and desire, leaving you mesmerised. These beautiful vocals are complimented by an equally smooth production by British producer Steel Banglez, this is their third single together.

Whoever thought Punjabi Music could be this sexy?! Hot off the success ofHigh Heels te Nachche’ from Bollywood movie Ki and Ka, this is a switch in sound for Jaz Dhami and just a taster of the authentic Punjabi R&B that will define the genre for years to come.


Song: Teri Ah
Singer: Jaz Dhami
Music: Steel Banglez
Lyrics : Kay V,Mickey Singh,Jaz Dhami
Video Director : Roger Russell
Music Label: T-Series