Save The Internet

 Net Neutrality? What the heck is that you may find yourself asking..
Is it a Virus? Is it a Trojan horse?
Well the good news is at the moment, it’s none of the above.

So what is Net Neutrality?
Well, Mobile phone network / ISPs are trying to push thru a new rule or agreement in India to control, where they can control what sites you visit & how fast your connection to load up the site is.

So if your favorite website does not have a deal with your operator or your a start up & have thrown all your money into your new app / website and do not have a deal with a certain network for whatever reasons, the operator may either charge your potential customers to visit your website or use your app or both!



Basically watch the video’s below & then click on the link at the bottom of the page before 24th April 2015



Log onto to email to TRAI and spread the message by sharing this page.