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Salique Delivers Amazing ‘Yallah Azizi (I Think I love you)

The incredible Salique releases a breath of fresh air into the British Asian music scene with his brand new love song, Yallah Azizi produced by the acclaimed Official Vee.


Fresh from his worldwide success with debut single Let Me In, which shot to number one on the iTunes World Music Chart, Salique promises another exciting new release with Yallah Azizi. Releasing on 28th August, the single is much anticipated from London’s newest but highly gifted talent.

Since the release of his first single, Salique has been expertly playing with the boundaries of different genres of music. Not afraid to mix different styles, Yallah Azizi brings a fresh vibe to the music industry.

A distinct fusion of R&B, Eastern and Arabic harmonies, Salique displays his velvety vocals and versatility in the catchy new track. Experimenting with different sounds, music lovers can expect to hear a fantastic amalgamation of flavours – from Urdu to Arabic – all set to an infectious R&B rhythm. A guaranteed floor filler, Yallah Azizi is an upbeat summer tune, certain to find its way on to everyone’s playlists this season.

Not only is the track a sure-fire hit, but Salique will certainly catch the attention of his audience, not to mention the hearts of his fast growing female fan-base. The multi-talented singer-songwriter is also a fitness model with a passion for both fashion and music. Salique realised his penchant for music at an early age, and is now pursuing his dream to be a strong and permanent fixture in the music world.
The superb accompanying video to Yallah Azizi was shot on location in Marbella, Spain and will not disappoint those looking for high budget, high quality production!
Speaking on the release of Yallah Aziz, Salique says: “I can’t wait to share Yallah Azizi with my fans – old and new. I was 10 when I first realised my passion for music, so to be singing professionally 13 years later is a fantastic experience for me. Growing up as a British Asian I have listened to and been inspired by artists from the East and West. This has encouraged me to make music which combines the best of both worlds, which is what I believe I’ve maintained in Yallah Azizi. The track is a great mix of Urdu, English and Arabic vocals with a killer beat.”
Salique’s popularity has been immediate since the positive reception of his first single. Discovered and signed by independent UK record company, Black Label Records, the singer has garnered much attention from his peers in the industry. Having already worked with East London music mogul Mumzy Stranger and MOBO award winning producer 2Play, Salique is already becoming widely recognised as ‘one to watch’ in the industry.
Salique has just completed his debut album with Official Vee, releasing at the end of this year, on which Yallah Azizi is featured.

Yallah Azizi will be available for download on iTunes from 28th August.