S-Endz - ‘Outer Space’ featuring Kazz Kumar & Rukas neofunk entertainment

S-Endz ‘Outer Space’ EP – Press Release

Blast off into new worlds with the hottest collaboration of the year!

S-Endz, world reknowned vocalist, songwriter, member of critically acclaimed electropop band Swami, affiliate of the late Tupac Shakur’s "Havenotz" crew and leader of the neofunk movement recruits the neon-tinged vocal styles of Kazz Kumar (Sona Family) and the lyrical firepower of Australian rapper Rukas (co-CEO of Outlawz Australia, the latest venture by Tupac’s Outlawz) to take you into Outer Space….
Produced by S-Endz, ‘Outer Space’ is a club thumping cyber-hop ode to escapism. No agenda, no pretenses, this is pure feelgood music, so let down your defences and prepare for takeoff!
The 4-track digital single of ‘Outer Space’ will be released for free via S-Endz.com (in association with Bandcamp) on the 21st October 2009 and will include 2 exclusive remixes as well as a bonus track from the forthcoming S-Endz debut album, ‘Emanate’.
Although the EP will be free, there will be the option to pay for it also, and you may pay how much or little you choose.
If you choose to pay, you have the option of higher quality and uncompressed audio, as well as the nice warm feeling of supporting the art that you enjoy, and a personal note of thanks from the artist himself for doing so.
‘Outer Space’ – taking off on October 21st 2009!