Princess Sophia Alexandra Duleep Singh

Royal Mail to commemorate Princess Sophia Alexandra Duleep Singh

This February 2018 in the UK will be a key date in the calendar as it marks the 100th anniversary since the ‘REPRESENTATION OF THE PEOPLE ACT 1918’ which allowed women over the age of 30 to vote. In line with these celebrations, it has been announced by Royal Mail the U.K’s main postal service that they will feature an image of Princess Sophia Alexandra Duleep Singh, daughter of Maharaja Duleep Singh on their heritage stamps.

February 15th stamp


For those that do not know the U.K restricted women’s rights for a very long time, even though the Princess lived a very comfortable life albeit who wouldn’t if Queen Victoria was your godmother. She pursued actively the rights of women in the UK and joining the suffragette movement including attending the famous ‘Black Monday’ demonstrations when there were violent clashes with the police. Not only this but she was WWI nurse and took a keen interest in her rich Sikh history, visiting India on several occasions to understand her roots.

The Princess dressed in the green sari

This is a brilliant way to commemorate the life of the lost Sikh princess, who’s life could have turned out so differently if she followed her fathers footstep. The stamp will be released on February 18th 2018.

Preet Kaur Gill MP

We are clearly in for a great year ahead with Princess Sophia Alexandra Duleep Singh making her mark and our first Sikh female MP (Preet Kaur Gill) appointed as Shadow Minister for International Development for the Labour Party.

By Tazz Kaur

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