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Rich List Founder Bally Singh To Appear in TV Show “Life On Marbs”

Rich List founder, CEO & all round party planner Bally Singh is all set to appear in the new ITV Be channel “Life On Marbs” show.


Bally Singh – Rich List Founder & CEO

The new reality show is all set to broadcast on Weds 22nd July on ITV Be & follows the lavish lifestyle of uber-rich ex-pats on the Costa del Sol resort area on southern Spain’s Costa del Sol

These are not the TOWIE crowd who have made “Marbella” their 2nd home. These are the British playboys and playgirls who REALLY  rule the roost in MarbsLife-On-Marbs

They have so much cash that one guy (Bally Singh) splashes between £10k & 20K on Champagne just to clean his posh watches as he don’t drink alcohol himself. He can also afford to have a nightclub in his eight-bed penthouse.
His lifestyle is so lavish, that it’s been known for him to spend £80K upwards entertaining his VIP Guests (our team have been invited over to witness the partying & crazy lifestyle, so expect a Exclusive behind the scenes feature soon).

Rich LIst - Daily Mirror 1 copy

Another can buy & has brought 2 Ferraris in a week without the need to check his bank balance.

In fact this lot live a lifestyle so extravagant, they could make even Kim Kardashian blush.

And when you can afford anything in the world, there’s only one thing you need – a reality show.

And hey presto, they’ve got it thanks to the people at Rich List & ITV Be.


Singh, 39, doesn’t drink alcohol… but he does wash his uber expensive watches in champagne, posting the videos online to  in his words “wind people up.”

Singh runs a VIP Concierge service and is friends with the likes of Trey Songz, Pharell Williams and Sting.

Bally Singh Life On MArbs 2

Bally Singh – Founder & CEO of Rich LIst Group


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