Rhythm Shakers

Rhythm Shakers Press Release

Superjones has fast become one of the most exiting, influential producers of the British Asian music scene.
He has worked with artist such as Lember Hussainpuri, Shin (DCS), Master Rakesh, Feroz Khan, S-Endz (Swami), Riz (Sona Family).

Though in recent times Superjones has preferred to remain out of the spotlight, his new project (Rhythm Shakers) sees the young talent take centre-stage alongside the very talented Bups and Sunny.


The trio have not only been busy recording their debut album, but have also managed to find time to remix tracks for Himesh Reshammiya and Rahul Sharma.


Bups’s ambition and love of music developed from childhood, his father being an alleged song writer from Dehli India, and mother, a classically trained sitar player.


Bups began as a self taught dhol player in the early 90’s for the renowned DJ roadshow The Midland Boyz (MBZ). Throughout the years, I sought an interest in becoming a DJ watching DJ Ran and the very few DJ’s at the time within the Asian and Mainstream market.


His hobby became his profession as Bups began to DJ at private functions, club events and becoming a popular DJ in dance music during the late 90’s playing throughout the U.K. and Europe.Artist Bups has worked with include: The Safri Boyz, Hans Raj Hans, Sukhbir, Sarbjit Cheema, Malkit Singh, A S Kang, DCS, Avtar Maniac, Dalvinder Singh and  Jassi Sidhu.


Sunny’s musical passion stems back from the age of eleven were he started out as a roadie helping out on his brother’s roadshow. He was fascinated by the Asian sound and instruments and found himself wanting to learn how to play the dholak and keyboards.


After seeing people enjoying themselves dancing Sunny was encouraged to move in the direction of production. He had noticed a big change in the music industry that went from live music and solid production to sampling.


Realtone Records was formed and had set about bringing back that live feel and production. For him this was an opportunity to launch his career. Most recently Sunny is studying sound engineering and at present is working on various projects and engineering at Realtone Records studios.


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