Review- The Bollywood Project- Jags Klimax

Track One- Habibi
Track one kicks off with a catchy guitar hook before a kicking, funky dance beat blends into the mix, and the direction and vibe for Habibi is very much set. This track is completely different to what I was expecting to hear on this album, but its hypnotic in its own way and all the parts work together as a whole. Lyrically, it does have that Bollywood taste to it and Taz does a great job on the lyrical front. Not your usual track, but it definitely goes in a positive direction. I can see this being a favourite for a lot of listeners.

Track Two- Rafta Rafta
This just would not be a true Bollywood style album without the traditional slow song, and that’s what we get in the shape of Rafta Rafta. This is truly a beautiful tune, from its percussion right down to its airy and spacious background vibe. I feel that this is so much better compared to some of the slower songs we are seeing being released to fill up Bhangra albums. Excellent in its concept and execution, this is definitely a keeper.

Track Three- Aaj Meain Nachungi
After working so well with Biti on his last album, the legendary vocalist returns for Jag’s new project on track three. This tune is receiving a huge amount of positive praise and support and its easy to see why. A nice mix of Bhangra flavours and Bollywood themes creates a track I think caters to more than just the Bollywood audience. As a Bhangra head, even I can see the attraction to this tune.  

Track Four- Mohabbate
Track Four is a revisit the style and concept of Habibi, and just as with track one, this is another track which works well as a whole. It has that funky dance vibe and feet moving beat which makes it an upbeat fusion on Bollywood and Western styles. Sunidhi Chauhan’s lyrics really feed the track with its Bollywood flavour and again I can see this being popular amongst listeners. Jags has shown on this album his ability to successfully fuse a number of area of sounds together with great success.

Track Five- Tere Naa
I have to admit, when I saw Kaka’s name on this track I was overcome with interest. I wanted to see how one of Bhangra’s new stars would fuse onto a Bollywood sounding tune, and the result is a good one at that. Like with track three, this is more of a fusion between Bhangra and Bollywood and I think that’s what will give it its mass appeal. I think for those more used to Bhangra, then this is definitely the tune for them.

Overall, this is a short album and small project, but nevertheless I feel a successful one. Not normally being the biggest fan of Bollywood, this album surprised me in how much it actually attracted me. It has two tracks to keep the Bhangra masses happy, and more than enough tunes to keep the Bollywood massive hooked. I like how Jag’s has taken his production in a new direction, and this is testament to his talents as this album is proof he knows more than how to expand his reach within the scene.

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