Review on the Launch of Liquid & Envy

Review on the Launch of Liquid & Envy (Leicester) 16th October

Creations, Thursday nights, who didn’t know about finesse nights in Leicester ey?

Well as they say, out with the old and in with the new, Liquid & Envy has opened in the place of Creations and it opened its doors to the public on the 10th Oct, the launch night was on the 16th Oct, which I gladly attended..


There was a big who-haw about the entrance for starters, many people didn’t even realise it was a ticket only entry, well supposedly it was. Guess people who had bought tickets get dint get in were just a bit annoyed huh?

Although I and my “crew” lol got into the queue around 11, which was a tad bit late, but I jus call it Indian timing. When we got there, we looked at the queue and thought what the…. So we quickly got into the queue.. And waited.. and waited.. I believe the queue at several points did not move for half an hour!

We gave a huuuge sigh of relief when they cut the queue off because it was jus after us 9. We were dreading that they would do the typical one in and one out thing because that way we all would have done a runner to Zanzibar (which was meant to be good as well).

So we finally got it, around 1am, just as we thought we missed all the acts ADH cum on and play Poolgaye from their new album, which in my eyes smashed it!

On first impressions I was pleased with the place.

But I’ll start off with the downers, not that there are many!

Well I’ve mentioned the queue, but then again that’s expected. The fights? There were too many!! Typical bad boys who think that just because someone accidentally nudged them they want to fight?! Another think I don’t understand is the size of the bhangra room! Now we all know that our fellow geezas from the Pind who haven’t heard of anti-perspirant like to wave their arms about n take up 10sq ft went busting their Desi moves lol yet they still made the bhangra room small!! I mean I got soo v.desperate for space that I ended up dancing on the table!! And luckily the bouncers/doorman was busy with sorting out other stuff out, that he didn’t notice lil’ol me dancing away on the table tops!


And now for the good stuff, right, how many people sweat loads and loads on a night out? Well on this night, I had nothing, not one drop, I was amazed at how well Liquid & Envy’s air conditioning was! Hope it stays that way. Overall it had a luvly atmosphere to it!
The little passage was a bit scary actually! ADH and DJ H played well too, and generally Finesse have definitely gotten a lot better! No disappointments with the music from my side!

All in all, even though I thought this night was going to flop hardcore, it turned around for the best; it definitely put a smile on my face ;D

And the best bit about the night was not meeting our Tony.. I got away with not buying him that Shandy I owe him!