Review: ‘Never Look Back’- ADH

Track 1- Poolgaye

The album starts in style with an extremely hilarious skit, worth a listen just for its stereotypical and comedic delivery. We are shortly introduced to the production of N-ZO, as the music is sweetly drifting into the track. The tune has a very ‘Sachiyan Suniyan’ vibe to it, which you know is instantly going to get people moving. ADH’s vocals fit the track nicely, and I can see this tune being popular amongst a number of listeners and audiences. It may not be on the same level as Sachiyan Suniyan, but it is still nevertheless a very catchy number and a strong start to the album as a whole.


Track 2- Ranjha

Again as with track one you can really tell the difference in the professionalism on the production of this album compared to ‘For Folk’s Sake’. A smooth beat grooves along throughout the tune, and it’s a much subtler, thoughtful track than Poolgaye. However, it is still a song you find yourself slowly and easily swaying to. ADH gives another good vocal performance and it fits the tone of the track well. Maybe the only let down is the MC’ing, even if it does add some variation to the tune. It won’t be a dance floor hit, but it is definitely a tune for chilling out to and sitting down and enjoying.


Track 3- Majajne

No matter how many times I try to find words for this track, I never can quite express just what an amazing tune this is. It’s ADH at his best, as he does the job with his vocals on top of some sensational production. A great subtle introduction, before it launches into an extremely traditional, and therefore ‘hands in the air’ style chorus. You cannot fault bhangra when it’s presented like this. Some tunes just have that vibe to them that makes them special and Majajne possesses that magic touch. Its blend of smooth sounds added to that traditional groove make this one of the tracks of 2006 without a doubt.


Track 4- Gabroo

The album takes a ghetto turn and gets ‘Crunked- Out’ as ADH takes us on a more gangster turn for track four. The dirty bass line and hip hop vibe form a strong basis for the track, with a peppering of traditional desi sounds to finish off what is a catchy tune. Sometimes hip hop influenced Bhangra tunes can prove to be massive let downs, but this one is right on the mark in terms of the sound it is trying to create. The result is a tune you can blast out loud and also just generally feel ‘ghetto’ to.


Track 5- Dil De Rani

A bright, sweeping introduction brings us into track 5, Dil De Rani. Once again Project Asia have gone for a Hip Hop flavour with a small desi lick , but this time it is much more subtle, much more gentle. Gabroo is a much harder track in its vibe and presentation, where Dil De Rani is its calm, beautifully sounding sister. ADH once again gives another good vocal performance to build on the albums good few opening numbers. This is one of those tunes that after a few listens definitely grows on you.


Track 6- Akhian

Continuing on the old school sound that was presented in Majajne, Akhian has that extremely tradition sound and feel to it. After two Hip Hop orientated tracks its good to get back to the straight up bhangra. It may not be on same level in terms of Majajne, but the idea behind the track and its overall sound are pretty close. A tune which will definitely get your head nodding along to it.


Track 7- Ranjha (Desi Mix)

The remix of track 2 on the album, ‘Ranjha’, surprisingly has completely new dynamics to the original version, and isn’t just a ‘refix’ or quick job. Normally, when you see the words remix on a bhangra album you normally tend to feel that a sub- standard quick production job is on the way, but N-ZO’s version is extremely calm and laid back, creating a beautifully produced tune and main melody. It adds the desi flavour that Bally Jagpal’s version slightly lacked. Maybe not as complex a tune, but just as effective in its delivery.


Track 8- Daardi

ADH has certainly left the best till last with this monster of an anthem. The B21 sound really shines through on this amazingly catchy tune, with production from Bhota Jagpal. Just as Majajne has that special quality, Daardi is definitely in the same league and if this track can’t get you up and dancing then there really will be little that can. Another solid vocal performance from ADH and it certainly leaves the album on an extremely high point. Maybe even a contender for one of the tracks of the year


ADH said that ‘Never Look Back’ was what he was all about, and that this was his sound. From the finished result I am pleased to say he has successfully achieved what he set out to do, and represent himself on what is an album that is going to be one of the suprises for many from 2006. Majajne and Daardi are classic tracks, unbelievable even, and it’s hard to even find a track that can be classified as sub standard. It has something for everybody- from the Hip Hop heads to the straight up Bhangra crew. There is no doubt ADH has worked long and hard, and succeeded, with this great project.

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