Review- ‘N- Zone’

Track One- Take Control

It’s no secret that many have whispered these guys are imitating or are trying to make their sound to close to mentor Zeus, but track one immediately displays why these rumours simply have no truth, as Bubble introduces us to his own sound on ‘Take Control’. A very traditional feel to this track and A.S. Amar’s vocal performance blends perfectly into the overall vibe that this opener creates. A very catchy number which knows which direction it wants to take the listener in and does so extremely successfully. One of those numbers that can not fail to have you nodding your head along, and importantly, gets more and more into your head as you listen to it. A great start to the album- so far, so good.


Track Two- Turn It Up

N- ZO makes his introduction to the album with ‘Turn It Up’, which is certainly the best manner to go about listening to this track. The listener is treated to a very strong Hip Hop vibe, whilst managing to weave in and maintain that desi sound and leave us with a track which is very characteristic of that strong Envy sound. Madan Maddi really does add to this tracks presence with his vocal performance. It’s a beautiful little track which catches you from the moment you press play. Very impressive and continues the strong work carried on since we saw N- ZO on ADH’s last release.


Track Three- Livin It Up

Bubble is back again for track three, and this track caught me immediately- so much so I just had to press rewind! Kulwinder Kinda’s lyrics set the scene in a very atmospheric start to a track which pulls out all the stops in creating a full on Bhangra- banger. The song builds magnificently and really takes this album up another notch in my opinion. Again, it’s that characteristic Envy sound where the traditional is blended with the Urban bringing a completed heavy vibe to the streets. Absolutely love this tune and I have to admit for an album which has not been that highly publicized this is a real shock at just how high the quality has been.


Track Four- Shake It

GSL makes his first appearance on the album with a slower, but just as vibrant number as the first three tracks that have come before it. It seems a lot more chilled in its overall sound but that does not mean it is not as strong in its delivery. Again, you can’t help but nod your head along to this track.


Track Five- Wanna Dance With You

Envy’s best friend Lil Lox returns on track five which gave me flashbacks of the Jay Sean days with its title. This track, however, kind of has me in mixed opinions. On the whole, I don’t think it stands up to the rest of the album, but during the song there is an UNBELIEVABLE little Hip Hop breakdown which is heavy in every sense. If that on its own had been used as a song, N- Zo would have had a MASSIVE Hip Hop crossover tune on his hands. No over exaggeration- it’s that good. The track is worth listening to just for that moment believe me.

Track Six- She’s The One
GSL back on the beat for a more up-tempo and traditional sounding dance tune. However, it just feels as if your waiting for something to really kick start this track. It starts off nicely and builds up well, but it is as if the track does not really go anywhere after this when it has the ability to. Not as impressive as GSL’s other attempt on this album by a long shot.
 Track Seven- Last Night

N- ZO back on the production duties with ‘She’s The One’ but again just like Track Six it feels like a filler tune. Its not bad, just that compared to the quality the first few tracks this album had it feels like a step down from what we were introduced to which is a real shame. Overall, there is a nice vibe to this tune but it lacks the killer instinct seen elsewhere earlier on this release. As this is the last tune, it really leaves the album on a downer as well.


Overall N- ZO, Bubble and GSL have proved to the industry that they are not merely clones of Dr Zeus, but very much have come with their own sound and are a sound addition to Envy’s roster. The first three or four tracks on this album are immense and are hard to fault, however you feel the second half of this album is substandard to what the guys have done in the top half. After track three, I really thought this would be a contender for album of the year. It may still be an outsider, but we will have to wait till December to see if this release stands the test of time. On the other hand, this album shows plenty of talent from the guys and if they can build on this im sure the names of these boys will continues to grow as they mature with their production skills. Definitely worth a buy!


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