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Weddings are a celebration and a happy time, whereas divorce is a mournful and upsetting time. Raj Mehta looks at the tale of two divorces in the same family, but with a comical twist. 

Juggjugg Jeeyo is a story about two couples: Kukoo and Naina and Bheem and Geeta. Kukoo (played by Varun Dhawan) and Naina (played by Kiara Advani) are childhood sweethearts and live in Canada. After five years of marriage, circumstances drive them apart and they settle on divorce. When they travel back to India, they find out that Kukoo’s parents are having issues of their own. Bheem (played by Anil Kapoor) is planning on divorcing his wife, Geeta (played by Neetu Kapoor). What follows is a hilarious rollercoaster and a story about knowing your better half. 

Obviously presented by Karan Johar, you can expect a whole lot of razzmatazz. However, helmed by Raj Mehta who gave us Good Newzz there’s a bit more to the entertainment. Underneath, Mehta delves into the subject of divorce in a light-hearted way that does reach the audience. The younger couple, Varun and Kiara, make a wonderful couple as Kukoo and Naina and they have a sense of maturity. On the other hand the older couple, Bheem and Geeta have a more childish to them, which is actually really lovely to see. 

A great watch and definitely a worth a trip to the cinema for.